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Transcranial direct-current stimulation as a treatment of depression

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Find research participants across the United States

Our system is designed to find you the highest quality participants for your study. Participants can be automatically filtered by a growing list of supported demographics. For researchers, Delven automates the most difficult and time-consuming processes of conducting participant-based research.

Improve Research

Delven's consistency reduces demographic biases, which is a leading factor in the reproducibility crisis.

Save Resources

Recruitment by mail can cost researchers on average $559 per participant. Delven is an efficient solution to reduce cost by 80 percent.

Reduce Workload

By not spending excess time recruiting participants, researchers can focus their time on more complex processes of the study.

Design Assistance

Delven's unique study creation process aids researchers with a feature set designed specifically for participant-based studies.

Leading Security

Our system is protected by industry standard security protocols. All data stored by Delven follows the HIPAA guidelines.

Participant Trust

Delven serves as a liaison, working closely with participants and researchers to build trust in the scientific process.


Security for you and your participants

We know that maintaining HIPAA compliance is paramount to your ethical research. We provide the secure resources you need to fully execute your study.

Transparent costs

Recruitment Pricing

Study Creation

Creating and publishing your study onto the Delven platform.

Participant Outreach

Contacting and recruiting potential participants.

Enrolled Participants

Onboarding and successfully enrolling a participant into your study.

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