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The Delven AI platform accelerates the participant recruitment process and provides better quality participants for scientific research. The platform saves time and money while ensuring research validity. Delven recruits statistically sufficient, highly qualified participants through our AIs continuous learning and engagement models.

The end goal is to meet the needs of the research design, while building greater understanding, transparency, and trust between the scientific and the participant community.

Chronic Pain Following Stroke

10 minutes

5 dollars

This study is looking at the types of treatment being used by stroke survivors to deal with chronic pain. The goal of this study is to determine what treatment options are available and how effective these different treatments are.


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Neurobiological Effects of Work-related Adjustment Disorder


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Neurobiological Effects of Work-related Adjustment Disorder

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The problem

Current recruitment methods are ineffective

Recruiting participants via email, booths, referrals, and flyers is time-intensive and notoriously ineffective. At the same time concerns about research motive and data use have caused growing public distrust toward the scientific community.

Where we are

Building the world's best participant engagement platform

We are currently designing and developing the platform. If you are interested in joining the alpha program or have feedback, please reach out.